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Birdwatching Birdwatching Birdwatching Birdwatching Birdwatching Birdwatching Birdwatching

Where: All country

Includes: Guide, Technical material

We recommend: Clothing and comfortable footwear, water, sunscreen

Portugal is one of the best European destinations to practice birdwatching. You can not observe in any other European country an Iberian imperial eagle or a blue wings pigeon, as well as other 350 different species of birds. Some of the birds that can be found in Portugal are resident in this country, and you can find them all year in their natural habitat. But the vast majority of birds we receive are migratory. Thousands of birds of different species make from the Portuguese coastline stage for their migratory routes. Species of birds of prey such as eagles, of marine and coastal birds such as gannets, whimbrels, sandpipers, terns, and of other small birds such as swallows, pipits, thrushes, nightingales, among others, fly over the Portuguese territory two times a year reason why you can easily find and observe in the correct locations several distinct species in all regions of this country.

Portugal has concentrated in its territory a wide variety of natural habitats, thus the activity of bird watching takes place in stunning and natural locations such as natural parks, high mountains, deep valleys between rugged cliffs, deserted beaches, long plains with sea views, estuaries, oak trees and vineyards plantations, among others. Some of the best bird watching areas are located in protected areas, which occupy 21% of the national territory. In group or in private, enjoy the relaxing activity of birdwatching, a form of natural tourism that allows you to be in touch with yourself and in communion with nature.


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Recommended time:

2 hours