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One day in Lisbon (1 day)

One day in Lisbon
One day in Lisbon One day in Lisbon One day in Lisbon One day in Lisbon One day in Lisbon One day in Lisbon One day in Lisbon One day in Lisbon One day in Lisbon One day in Lisbon One day in Lisbon One day in Lisbon One day in Lisbon One day in Lisbon

The city of Lisbon, known as the City of Seven Hills, is a true natural amphitheater whose stage is the Tagus river. Lisbon is a city full of history, still present in its characteristics avenues, Moorish neighbourhoods, in its Manueline, Baroque and Gothic monuments, and in its important architecture. Being a cosmopolitan centre of commerce, is a city that appeals to all the senses, from the tastes of the most varied and rich gastronomy, till the fascinating color palette of the buildings where the sun shines almost all year round. In this one day trip you will learn the true history, culture and cuisine of a city rich in attractions. Be surprised by the most beautiful views over the River Tagus and delight yourself with the small details of this charming city.



Day 1Lisbon


Walking tour with guide, shared or private. Choose from:

/ cultural-historical tour – explore the must-see sites with historical interest while experiencing the real Lisbon culture

/ gastronomic tour - discover the city of Lisbon through its flavours and history of its pubs, restaurants, cafes and small taverns



Tuk Tuk tour with private guide. Choose from:

/ cultural-historical tour - go back in time and discover Lisbon historical neighbourhoods and the must-see sites of cultural interest

/ gastronomic tour - discover the flavours of the gastronomic culture of Lisbon while exploring the most genuine neighbourhoods in the city

/ landscape tour - enjoy the best views of the city and discover why Lisbon is known for the city of light

/ custom-made tour - tell us what you want to see. We organize tailor tours

Optional - Restaurant reservation for dinner with Fado



/ If this itinerary awakens your desire to visit Portugal, don’t hesitate and ask us a final budget that suit your needs.

/ This itinerary is fully customizable by you and for you.
/ Book in advance - subject to availability.


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For 2 people
| Walk tour with guide (shared or private)
| Tuk tuk tour

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