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One day in Alentejo - Portugal B'side

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One day in Alentejo (1 day)

One day in Alentejo
One day in Alentejo One day in Alentejo One day in Alentejo One day in Alentejo One day in Alentejo One day in Alentejo One day in Alentejo One day in Alentejo One day in Alentejo One day in Alentejo One day in Alentejo One day in Alentejo One day in Alentejo One day in Alentejo

This itinerary will show you the interior of Portugal, driving you through the countryside roads of Alentejo for a beautiful sightseeing trip.  Enjoy beautiful landscapes, typical of the Alentejo region, where the scenery changes to endless plains with cork trees offering shade to sheep and cows, and undulating hills of wheat and vineyards that hide Moorish castles and rustic farm houses. The trip will lead you to Évora, one of the most emblematic Portuguese cities, known for important Roman presence at the time of occupation of the peninsula. Here you’ll have enough time to walk in its historical centre and "feel" this valuable cultural legacy that UNESCO has classified World Heritage. After that you can choose among visiting Arraiolos, worldwide known for the famous and genuine Arraiolos tapestry where you can see the embroiderers working in the streets, or visit a famous Wine farm and its facilities where after a guided visit into their old cellars, you will relax and have a wine tasting, or visit Vila Viçosa with a rich history and an enviable heritage, being known as the "Princess of Alentejo".



Day 1 | Évora - Arraiolos ou Vila Viçosa


Departure from Lisbon towards Évora.

Walk with guide, in the center of Évora. Choose from:

/ Walking tour - walk through the historic city center, enjoy the rich and diverse cultural heritage and learn the history of Évora

/ Tuk tuk tour - see the major monuments of Évora, through the most hidden (and narrow) streets of the Alentejo capital while enjoying the historic landscape of Évora



Tour to a typical Alentejo village. Choose from:

/ Wine Tasting - visit a famous wine farm with regional products, enjoy a wine tasting

/ Arraiolos Tour - explore the village of Arraiolos and admire the art of its typical carpets

/ Vila Viçosa Tour - explore this typical Alentejo village and discover its cultural heritage

 Return to Lisbon.


/ If this itinerary awakens your desire to visit Portugal, don’t hesitate and ask us a final budget that suit your needs. 
/ The program order may change.

/ This itinerary is fully customizable by you and for you.
/ Book in advance - subject to availability.


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For 2 people
| Tour with vehicle and guide starting and ending in Lisbon
| Tuk tuk or walking tour with guide in Évora
| Wine tasting (if requested)

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