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One day in Alto Minho - Portugal B'side

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One day in Alto Minho (1 day)

One day in Alto Minho
One day in Alto Minho One day in Alto Minho One day in Alto Minho One day in Alto Minho One day in Alto Minho One day in Alto Minho One day in Alto Minho One day in Alto Minho One day in Alto Minho One day in Alto Minho One day in Alto Minho One day in Alto Minho One day in Alto Minho One day in Alto Minho

In this tour we'll take you to one of the most picturesque regions of the country, in a scenery marked by the green of the landscapes and the rivers that wind the valleys to the crystalline waters of the ocean. A region with a long historical tradition where you can experience true Portuguese experiences, such as festivities and pilgrimages, its own handicraft and rich gastronomy. Visit Barcelos, a medieval town famous for the popular Barcelos cock and for its ceramic and handicraft fair, and lose yourself in its charming streets lined with baroque houses and discover a vast architectural heritage. Fall in love with the charming village of Ponte de Lima, Portugal's oldest village, renowned for its exquisite green wine production and characterized by its medieval and Renaissance architecture. On this tour you will also visit the beautiful city of Viana do Castelo at the mouth of the river Lima, in a perfect location between the mountain and the sea, once the starting point for ships and caravels during the Discoveries (15th and 16th centuries) to the India and the Americas routes.



Day 1 | BarcelosPonte de LimaViana do Castelo


Departure from Oporto towards Barcelos.

Walk in the center of Barcelos.

/ Walking tour – discover the historical center of Barcelos and its rich crafts

Tour to Ponte de Lima

/ Walking tour - walk through this charming village on the banks of the Lima River joined by a beautiful medieval bridge



Tour to Viana do Castelo.

/ Walking tour – enjoy the majestic historic buildings of the center and admire the beautiful landscapes of the top of Monte de Santa Luzia

 Return to Oporto


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/ The program order may change.
/ This itinerary is fully customizable by you and for you.
/ Book in advance - subject to availability.


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For 2 people
| Tour with vehicle and guide starting and ending in Oporto
| Entrance in Funicular of Santa Luzia

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